Donated clothes fit the bill

26 May 2017

Colleagues from Interserve justice’s HQ team have donated scores of clothes to a charity that supports women offenders in Merseyside.

Tomorrow’s Women Wirral is a charity for women aged 18 and over. It has a commitment to reducing offending and provides support and assistance to all women wanting to make positive lifestyle changes.

Women on court orders supervised by Merseyside Community Rehabilitation Company (MCRC) are among those who benefit from the charity’s services. Attendees can participate in courses, workshops, advice drop-ins and support within the safe, female only environment.

Lynne Morrison, head of commercial for Interserve’s justice business, visited the centre together with Paul Carter, deputy director and commercial lead for rehabilitation services at the Ministry of Justice.

Lynne said: “It was clear that tremendous work takes place there, and it was an awe-inspiring visit.

“Angela showed us their fantastic garden, which the ladies had transformed from nothing and maintain themselves, and the wonderful arts and crafts that the attendees produce.

“But what most struck me was their rail of donated clothes.”

Angela Murphy, who is seconded from M CRC, is the charity’s chief executive, and hosted the visit to the centre, which is open throughout the week and is in Beckwith St East, Birkenhead.

Clothes donated to the charity help women who lack the funds to buy appropriate clothing, to attend for interviews, court cases, etc

Lynne said: “It was humbling and such a powerful message of hope. Angela explained how every woman who had made use of the clothes had gone on to be successful and gain employment or volunteer positions.

“If you want to help someone to get their lives going in the right direction, donating clothes is such a practical step.”

Lynne was so moved that she organised a clothes collection at Interserve’s Capital Tower building in London.

She added: “Tomorrow’s Women Wirral carries out fantastic work. I am proud to support them and was delighted by the response from my colleagues at Capital Towers.”

Angela was delighted by the donation as they are in the process of launching a Charity Shop within Tomorrow’s Women Wirral called New 2 You which will help continue to raise funds for the Charity. There were some perfect items for women to use for interviews etc

She added: “Dressing appropriately for the occasion is vitally important and helps people’s confidence and well-being.

“We launder and repair items to ensure they are appropriate for women to borrow for special occasions. This service has grown to become an important aspect of what the centre delivers and is greatly appreciated by our women”.

Interserve is the lead company in the Purple Futures partnership which runs five Community Rehabilitation Company, including Merseyside.