Interserve Charity Charter Principles

  • Long term contracts will be offered as standard
  • We will have a “framework contract” approach so that charities do not have to tender for new business with both new or existing customers
  • We will develop a short, on line EOI for providers which will be capable of being retrieved and amended by you for future use with us, avoiding repetition
  • We will provide a clear specification for work to be contracted to ensure certainty of cost and operational responsibility. This may be outcome based.
  • We will not require any PBR risk to be taken by charities who are not placed to take that risk, or who do not want to.
  • We will agree volume schedules for services and match the cash profiles to those services, reviewing them regularly
  • We will help and support partners to become fully accredited Interserve suppliers and assist them in promoting themselves across our wider business.
  • We will secure all appropriate capital and working capital required for delivery solutions
  • We will provide access to commercial and financial support for bid purposes
  • We will offer education, training and development to our charitable partners to help underpin their sustainability as an enterprise

Purple Futures – an Interserve-led partnership